United Way Board’s Reading Project

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The Executive Board of the United Way has taken on a “Caring for Logan County” project this year which focuses on reading to children in elementary schools.

United Way Board Members Jim Stengle(top), David Ball (bottom left) and Marlene Snow (bottom right) read to elementary school children as a part of the Board’s “Caring for Logan County” project.

Steve Gentling, President, United Way of Logan County said, “The Board is always interested in doing something special for the communities of Logan County that isn’t involving fund raising and this year we decided to offer to read to children in elementary schools throughout the county.”

Kristal Flury, United Way Vice President went on to say, “it is a wonderful opportunity to do something a little bit different and give back to our communities in a different way. The members of the Board, all volunteers, liked the hands on ability to give to this special part of our community – the children.  We are more than just fund raisers.  We are more than just a voice on the other end of the telephone asking for donations.  We are directly involved with making our county a better place.”

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