Harlem Shake hits Guthrie

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Many will see the videos and go “what?” but the Harlem Shake has hit the Guthrie area and now many are following the local shake.

OPS Resellers, located at 208 E. Oklahoma in downtown Guthrie, recently hosted their own Harlem Shake and it quickly spread throughout the internet.

The Harlem Shake went viral just a few weeks ago and since then thousands have uploaded their own videos, which follow an ever-evolving set of rules. Typically, one person in a helmet or mask dances alone in the middle of a room for about 15 seconds. When the beat drops, the clip switches to ridiculous dancers dressed in costumes and not dancing so much as flailing about like seizure victims. The more random, it seems, the better.

YouTube has logged more than 44 million views on the 12,000-plus Harlem Shake videos uploaded so far featuring everything from random college kids and baseball teams to soldiers to college swim teams performing under water.

The Harlem Shake name comes from a dance move in the 1980s that made a comeback in 2011 as the title of the cut produced by New York-based DJ Baauer.

Here are some of the most popular versions:

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