Logan County District 2 Update: Progress on Douglas Blvd. resurfacing project‏

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We are in the process of doing some final paper work with Oklahoma Department of Transportation to get the resurfacing of Douglas from Waterloo to Forrest Hills underway. The date of May 6, 2013 has been set for ODOT to award the bid to the contractor who will do the work.

Logan County Commissioner Mike Pearson
Logan County Commissioner Mike Pearson

Believe it or not, the financing and paperwork for this project has gone relatively fast in terms of what it takes to jump through all the state and federal regulatory hoops. After getting Douglas reclassified
by ODOT in September 2009 as a major collector road, we began the funding process by passing a programming resolution through a County Commissioners’ meeting on February 26, 2010 and submitting it to ODOT. Since the project is in the same footprint of the existing roadway, we
were able to get the environmental study somewhat expedited taking only 9 months.

The Douglas project is being financed by an urbanized area Surface Transportation Program through the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments. Since this is a federal program they only pay 80% of the cost. We are obtaining the 20% match through the County Improvements for Roads and Bridges Program which is state funds.

We have a number of projects for which we have future funding that require additional right-of-way, moving utilities and doing a full environmental study. An example of that is Luther Rd. in the east part
of the county. On this 10 mile project we have the funding set up to begin the engineering on the first 6 miles going north from Waterloo in 2014 and the right-of-way and utilities in 2016. Actual construction is scheduled to be funded in 2017. The 4 miles extending on north to SH 105 will be a year behind that.

To see a chart of the steps in the process of getting a bridge or road completed when using state or federal money, go to bit.ly/WWLbct or go to CommissionDistrict2.com and click on Design Process Flow Chart.

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