Logan County District 2 Update: University bridge nearing completion

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We are moving toward the final stages of construction on the new bridge at University east of Midwest. In late Nov. 2012, to minimize inconvenience to area residents, we temporarily installed a tin culvert and low water crossing at the site to enable them to enter and exit. We then removed the old bridge and excavated to enlarge the area of water flow. This was done to eliminate the flooding which has occurred in the past at this site during heavy rainfall. This week we finished the process of digging trenches for footing, installing rebar cages in the trenches, constructing and placing forms for keyways and pouring concrete. This process was performed with great attention to detail as the footings need to have the exact grade to fit the prefabricated bridge.

Logan County Commissioner Mike Pearson
Logan County Commissioner Mike Pearson

Barring rain or other unforeseen events, on Wednesday, February 13, the five prefabricated sections of the bridge will be delivered and set in place. On this day a large crane will be brought in to lift the sections from semi-trucks and install them on the footings. Equipment will arrive on the site early that morning so the process can be completed in one day. We would like for those who may need to use the roadway that day to be aware that during much of the day, the road will be completely closed.

We had hoped to place the bridge by the middle of January, but rains during the early part of the month devastated many county roads and we diverted resources for roadway repairs.

In past updates I have written about the solid waste cleanup program in which we are participating. This enables us to provide a dumpster for public use free of charge. We will be concluding this service at the end of February. If you wish to utilize this service you have three weeks left to do so.

The dumpster is located at the District 2 county shop at 1550 N. Midwest Blvd. and is available to the public from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Mon. through Fri., except for holidays. If you need to come on Saturday, you can make an appointment by calling our office at 282-3405 or my cell phone at 650-0384. The dumpster is available for solid waste only. Items which will not be accepted include garbage (any kind of food or vegetation), hazardous materials, appliances containing Freon, and rubber tires and liquids.


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