Logan County District 2 Update: Clogged Culverts‏

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Over the last few years, phenomenal growth has occurred in Logan County. This population expansion is beneficial to the county and we encourage it. However, with growth sometimes comes problems. In this article I would like to address one of these, and how the county can help.

Logan County Commissioner Mike Pearson
Logan County Commissioner Mike Pearson

One of the greatest reasons for road failure is poor drainage. That is why the county works to establish ditches and ensure proper water flow.  This need was seen most recently as parts of Logan County received up to 6.5 inches of rain in the last 30 days. The water which
could not drain out of the ditches covered the roads and caused them to quickly deteriorate. This past week has been one of hauling gravel and shale to repair these places in county roads which had become impassable.

Although technically ownership of land extends to the middle of the road and landowners are responsible for placement and maintenance of driveway culverts, the county also does what it can within its limited resources to ensure culverts are kept open. There are many thousands of driveway culverts in our districts which accumulate leaves, debris and trash. The help of the citizens to remove these blockages is very much appreciated.

It is mutually beneficial to the county and landowner if the landowner will consult with the county before constructing a driveway which connects with a county road. This gives the county a chance to advise on the length, diameter and placement of a culvert which is equipped to handle the water flow in that particular area and prevent damage to the road.

For more information I can be reached by email at commissiondistrict2@gmail.com and my cell phone number is 650-0384.

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