Logan County District 2 Update: The cost of sign theft‏

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One of the more common problems the county deals with is replacing traffic control and street name signs. On a regular basis, we receive calls about missing or defaced signage or county workers observe that signs are missing.

Logan County Commissioner Mike Pearson
Logan County Commissioner Mike Pearson

Part of the problem is caused by mindless vandalism or by those who consider it a “trophy” to have a street sign or a stop sign hanging on their bedroom wall. Due to the value of aluminum, there are also those who steal signs for resale as junk metal.

Replacing signs is costly for the county. The current cost of a 30” high-intensity prismatic stop sign costs in excess of $40.00. A street name sign costs in excess of $26.00. In addition to the cost, replacing a sign involves time and labor which could be devoted to the
performance of other valuable services.

Not only is sign theft costly and inconvenient, in the worst case, it can result in tragedy. According to Oklahoma state law, the theft of a traffic sign is punishable by a fine, or community service, or restitution, or up to 30 days imprisonment in the county jail, or a
combination of the above. If the theft results in personal injury or death, it is considered a felony. The perpetrator can be punished by a fine, or community service, or restitution, or up to 2 years imprisonment in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, or a combination of any of the above.

Every sign in District 2 has been indelibly marked so that it can be identified as county property. Those who are in unauthorized possession of this property can be prosecuted. If you observe a sign being stolen, please contact the Logan County Sheriff’s Office at
282-4100. Then contact the appropriate County Commissioner’s office so the sign can be replaced. If you are not certain about which district the sign is in, call 282-2124 for information.

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