Much needed rain puts water in Mineral Wells Park’s ponds

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Updated on April 15The City of Guthrie placed the fountain back in the pond as the city prepares for the upcoming 89er Week.

Original Story on April 4

The Oklahoma skies opened up this past week and gave the Guthrie area much-needed rain. In fact, enough rain to see water adding up in the Mineral Wells Park’s ponds.

After months of being dried up, the pond has water in its banks.
After months of being dried up, the pond has water in its banks.

With continuous rainfall on Tuesday and Wednesday, Guthrie officially received 2.39 inches and in the past seven days has collected 4.53 inches according to the mesonet. Some isolated areas received even higher amounts.

With drought like conditions over the last two years, the ponds, particularly the one that faces Guthrie’s busy Division street, had completed dried up and resulted in grass growing in the bed of the pond.

The pond surprisingly has gained a lot of attention over the past two years from Guthrie residents with numerous social media conversations. Citizens had gone a step further by taking their concerns to their elected council members looking for a solution.

In December, council members heard preliminary alternative ways to fill the pond back up. Related story: Options heard on filling up pond at Mineral Wells Park

While the ponds still need more water to completely fill up its banks, it was good to see the steady rainfall and forecasts are calling for more rain chances in the first part of next week.

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