Logan County District 2 Update: May events‏

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Our prayers and sympathy go out to victims of recent tornadoes in Oklahoma. In addition to the grief of individuals who have suffered great losses, these disasters have put a strain on local, county and state governments. In spite of this, I have been impressed with the ability of emergency responders and cleanup crews to handle the challenge of arguably, the worst tornado in history.

Logan County Commissioner Mike Pearson
Logan County Commissioner Mike Pearson

In a much less consequential way, May weather affected our operations. The month began well, with the county’s allotment from the Oklahoma Tax Commission coming in higher than usual. This allowed us to purchase much needed materials with which to repair roads. These
materials included 289 tons of asphalt and 848 tons of rock, all of which was designated for specific areas of need. However, due to intermittent rains, we have not been able to use any of the asphalt and only about 148 tons of rock. Our efforts have mainly focused on hauling shale and grading roads, when possible, in order to keep some of the worst areas traversable.

We were also able to begin the process of preparing Pine St. for repaving from Prairie Grove to Rollercoaster. Trees have been removed along right-of-way and will be hauled away for disposal. This mile of roadway is going to require much time and effort to properly prepare
it for resurfacing.

In April we contracted with Atlas Paving Company to pave one mile of Midwest from SH 33 northward and also the bridge on University, east of Midwest. Atlas intended to begin the job the first week of May. However, weather delayed the project and we are waiting to hear the
new start date. There is still work to be done to stabilize the creek banks and dress up the area at the University bridge. We plan to post before and after pictures of these projects at CommissionDistrict2.com when they are finished.

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