Ask Dr. Anna: Why pets are always happy

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I have discovered the secret to why pets are always happy.  I watch an inspiring video by Shawn Achor and he said that success does not equal happiness because as humans we are always striving to succeed.  He believes that happiness is all about how we process the world around us in our mind (positive, negative and neutral thinking).  He said that there are five things that we can do to increase our happiness.  These five things help release dopamine into our bloodstream which helps us to feel happier.  So the reason why pets are always happy is because they are always doing these five things.

Anna Coffin is the Veterinarian at Guthrie Pet Hospital and can be contacted at (405) 282-8796.
Anna Coffin is the Veterinarian at Guthrie Pet Hospital and can be contacted at (405) 282-8796.

Gratitude:  Our pets are always grateful for everything we give them in life!  No matter how many times we give them the same food or throw the same toy they are just as happy the first time we fed or played with them as the last.

Journaling:  Ok, our pets aren’t able to actually write down words on a piece of paper.  However, journaling is a form of mental stimulation and pets, if allowed and given the proper tools, long for mental stimulation.  Animals get mental stimulation from interactive toys, obedience training and learning tricks.  Animals are very intelligent.

Exercise:  If allowed and given access, pets will choose to live very active life styles.  Those that don’t are usually not happy and have behavior problems such as excessive barking, chewing, and digging.  My motto is a tired dog is a good dog!

Meditation:  How many times do you catch your pet just laying peacefully?  Many are content for hours just being who they are and enjoying the environment that is around them.

Random acts of kindness:  We have all heard heroic animal rescue stories, but all pets show random acts of kindness daily by giving us kisses, laying their heads on our laps, staying right by our side when we are sick and unconditional love no matter how they are treated.

We could all learn something from animals. I also think Shawn Achor is on the right track.  If you are interested watch his video @

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