Ask Dr. Anna Benefits of adopting and owning a senior pet

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November is ASPCA’s Adopt a Senior Pet Month.  Dr. Anna will discuss the benefits of adopting and owning a senior pet.

Anna Coffin is the Veterinarian at Guthrie Pet Hospital and can be contacted at (405) 282-8796.
Anna Coffin is the Veterinarian at Guthrie Pet Hospital and can be contacted at (405) 282-8796.

An important British study by Serpell (1991) showed that people who had not recently owned a dog or cat and then acquired one, or were given one by the researchers, showed improvements over the next ten months in their health, psychological well-being, self-esteem and exercise levels.  In a follow up study the owners were able to cope better with adverse life events and made fewer visits to their doctor.  So, if you don’t own a pet I suggest you head to your local animal shelter and adopt a pet today!  Here are a few good reasons to adopt a senior pet.

1.   What you see is what you get:  It’s an adult animal so it’s not going to get any bigger.  Plus you will know the grooming requirements and its personality right off the bat.

2.  Minimal training:   We all love puppies but not the potty training, teething, and obedience training.  Many senior pets already know some basic obedience commands and those that don’t are typically more focused and learn faster than their younger counterparts.

3.  Saves time:  Older pets don’t require constant monitoring.  They settle in and adapt to the pack quicker because they have had more life experience and know what it takes to get along.  Senior animals do require exercise but not as much as a puppy.

4.  Life span:  The average life span of a dog or a cat can range from 10-15 years.  Getting a puppy or a kitten is a lifelong commitment.  If you are an elderly person or concerned about future life events then a senior pet is a great option for you!

5.  Be a superstar:  Older pets are the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanized.  You won’t regret the return of unconditional love that you get back!  Adopt a senior pet today.

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Spay and neuter your pets!

“The reason dogs have so many friends is because they wag their tails and not their tongues.” author unknown

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