Sales tax revenue hits nearly $500K

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The sales tax numbers are not quite what they were expected for in September, with the Gentleman of the Road Stopover, but the City of Guthrie did see a significant increase with perhaps more to come.

Guthrie City HallThe sales tax numbers were released on Friday and came back with a showing of $499,587 that took place in Sept. but is shown in the month of November. That is an increase of $145,122 from a year ago.

The previous year’s revenue was $354,465, $328,984 in 2011 and $278,586 in 2010.

“The additional revenues accrued in the month of Sept. can be used to make a significant difference in our City,” City Manager Sereniah Breland told Guthrie News Page. “The revenues are 80 percent above the same month three years ago and up about 40 percent from last year’s revenues.”

There was speculation prior to the two-day Stopover event that the extra revenue could have doubled the 2012 income. However, Breland says there may be an increase next month as a result from late reporting in this filing period.

The $499,587 is the largest sales tax collection for the City.

Last year in the fiscal year 2013, a total of $4,378,443.40 was collected compared to the fiscal year of 2012 of $4,096,089.03.

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