Trees removed from downtown parking lot

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A downtown parking lot will soon be getting a facelift soon. The project started this week with Bradford Pear trees being cut down by the city’s Street crew.

City Parking LotThe Forestry Board, whose members are selected by the city council, approved to update the Harrison Square parking lot this past summer. Updates include new trees, an irrigation system and installing electrical outlets.

“The Bradford pear is a beautiful, flowering tree with excellent fall color. These trees have been an asset to downtown Guthrie for many years, board member Jarod Cassada said. “The problem with this species is a growth characteristic that causes poor branch angle-of-attachment, and subsequently, included bark.”

It is unsure what tree(s) will be selected to replace the Bradford Pears. The Parks Board will hold their meeting on Jan. 16 for further discussion. The scheduled meeting is set for 6:30 at City Hall.

The city will update the water lines that are in the brick planters by installing shutoff valves and extending the water lines to provide adequate irrigation for future plantings. Additionally, the city will install electrical outlets in the planters for ambient lighting.

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