Oil and gas industry booming in Logan County

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A recent independent study released by the State Chamber Research Foundation provides an in-depth examination of the oil and gas industry and how tax policy led to an amazing resurgence.

Oil and GasAccording to the study, the oil and gas industry in Logan County led to 24 business establishments and helped led to 2,679 direct jobs to reflect 11.6 percent of all local jobs.

The study shows $148.3 million dollars were earned and that dollar amount represented 22.6 percent of all local earnings.

In 2012, oil and gas royalties produced $16.8 million inside Logan County and a whopping $2.5 billion throughout the entire state.

Also in 2012, $99 million was produced in oil and gas production compared to the state hauling in $14.8 billion.

For the complete report visit the state chamber’s website.

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