District 2: Rain! Rain! Rain!

District 2: Rain! Rain! Rain!

In District 2 it has been another record buster for every May since rainfall was first ever recorded.


Grading has come to a crawl and many roads have been impacted by these continuous rains. With the hard compacting rains, many roads have actually improved. Most have not suffered from washouts like in years past as the ditching, cutouts and crowning of roads have channeled rushing water off our roads.

Over the past seven months, we have increased the number of District 2 road hands from 10 to 15. Two additional full time truck drivers and trucks have been added to our previous total of four and we now have a full time heavy equipment operator.  We hope to get a new truck soon dedicated to pulling our flatbed equipment trailers.

The county is not allowed to maintain private driveways even on easement unless it is to the best interest of the county for road maintenance. The tinhorns are part of these private drives but the county is allowed to help residents in their placement and maintenance. There are thousands in District 2.

We implore our residents to do their best to keep culverts free of debris. When they do silt in, let us know so we can try to help when we have opportunity.

Reconstruction of Midwest from Hwy 33 north may begin next week with its closure up to College. Also, the new sewerline under I-35 to serve Loves and Valeros may begin with next week’s predicted sunshine.

All the CBDG requirements for paving Green Oaks Way and Cedar Ln connecting Sooner, Coltrane and Simmons Roads have been completed and the date to proceed is set beginning June 15.

The Anderson mile north from Waterloo easement clearing is half completed. The half mile of Charter Oak from Sooner to I-35 has been added to our list as an “easy” simple overlay.

Remember, we have a rolloff at the District 2 barn for unwanted furniture, appliances and junk that is free for Logan County residents (non commercial) to use.

Do not count on “someone else” to keep us informed. We will respond as soon as we are able. Our office is 282-3405 and my cell is 405-650-0384 and I text. Or email us at commissiondistrict2@gmail.com.

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