District 2: Luther Road project is still in the works

District 2: Luther Road project is still in the works

FEMA has responded to our resolution proclaiming an emergency disaster due to heavy rainfall during the week of May 23-30. East Logan County escaped the heaviest part of this damage with the northern portion of the county getting the worst of it. It is doubtful District 2 will receive any of this funding.


For the last two weeks, the District 2 road crew has been grading and hauling materials as quickly as possible. Many culverts and bridges have been unclogged and many thousands of tons were delivered. It is agonizing how long it takes to repair these roads but it takes time. Please make way for our trucks and have patience with our graders as we repair these dirt/gravel roads.

I would like to bring attention to our asphalt patching crew of one. Please be extra patient and careful when you must pass him on asphalt roads. He is driving an Air Force blue Ford pickup and pulling our newly acquired pothole patch trailer. Your vehicles and pocket books will appreciate his labor.

The 6 mile portion of the 10-mile Luther Rd Project is still in the works. It has been engineered with a projected cost of $11.25 million. We are proceeding with the acquisition of the required additional easement needed.  The recent reassignment of funding by our legislators away from roads and bridges will affect the time of completion of this north/south corridor from Hwy 33 to Hwy 9.

The new bridge at Cooper Hill was delayed due to weather. The contractor did get restarted this week and will have it completed soon.

The Green Oaks Way CBDG Project is ready for repaving and the contractor has been told to proceed. A final grade and repairs, if needed, will be required. Residents are requested to not park on these roads till paving is completed.

The clearing of county easement of trees on Westminster is underway for the first mile north of Waterloo. The clearing of Anderson in that same first mile is completed. As soon as we can reassign one of our graders, we will start working on reshaping and repairing drainage on Anderson. A lot of dirt of no use to the county must be hauled off and disposed of. The funding required for asphalt on these two miles will be encumbered this month.

With predicted heavy rain predicted for this week, please take extra care and caution when driving. Given the right weather conditions, all roads melt.

Remember, we have a rolloff at District 2 for unwanted furniture, appliances and junk at no charge to Logan County residents (non commercial) to use. We are located at 1550 N Midwest Blvd one mile north of the new Loves Truckstop being constructed at the I-35/Hwy 33 intersection. Our hours are 7:30-4 M-F.

Do not count on “someone else” to keep us informed on road conditions. We will respond as soon as we are able. Our office is 282-3405 and my cell is 405-650-0384 and I text. Or email us at commissiondistrict2@gmail.com.

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