District Two: Meetings to begin for Waterloo Road projects

District Two: Meetings to begin for Waterloo Road projects

Oklahoma County District 3 Commissioner Ray Vaughn and I will be meeting very soon to work out an agreement for Waterloo Road. What is proposed is a replacement of Waterloo with three lanes from Pine/Air Depot to Douglas with possibly some round-abouts (traffic circles at intersections). This will require considerable cooperation between our two counties to be accomplished, as well as funding and time.  In the interim, please drive with care as we continue to band aid this road. We now have the ability to respond quickly to the majority of new potholes when we are aware of them.


June 30 is the end of fiscal year 2015. Last Wednesday, the Logan Co Budget Board met to receive each of the elected officers estimate of needs for the new fiscal year. The BoCC attended this meeting to present our needs as well. Video of the meeting is available online. https://guthrienewspage.com/2015/06/county-departments-share-their-estimate-of-needs-for-upcoming-budget/ This will be the

As the oil boom goes bust, so do our monthly revenues. Oil/Gas Gross Production income went down as expected, and took diesel and sales tax along with it.

Many of the road and bridge projects (CIRB) statewide have been put on hold by ODOT as cost projections have escalated as requirements have changed. After the raid on CIRB this legislative session and the expected raid next year, these projects have to find new funding sources.

Summer is the time to refocus our resources on culverts and bridges. We will soon start rebuilding the closed bridge on CR 76 just east of Peebly in a cooperative effort with District 3 Commissioner Monty Piearcy. The Billy Owen bridge at Cooper Hill on Prairie Grove should be open to traffic in a few weeks. We have a backload of tinhorn/culvert work orders so please be aware and patient as our crew places and replaces these.


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The trees on Anderson and Westminster for one mile north of Waterloo have been removed. We will be reestablishing the drainage on Anderson next week and removing the unusable dirt to a close location. Other locations were found for future projects.

Dump your unwanted furniture, appliances and junk at the District 2 roll off dumpster, not in the creek. It is free to Logan County residents (non commercial) to use. We are located at 1550 N Midwest which is one mile north of the new Loves Truckstop being constructed at the I-35/Hwy 33 intersection. Our hours are 7:30-4 M-F.

Do not count on “someone else” to keep us informed on road conditions. We will respond as soon as we are able. Our office is 282-3405 and my cell is 405-650-0384 and I text. Or email us at commissiondistrict2@gmail.com.

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