District 1: Continue to rebuild washed out county roads

District 1: Continue to rebuild washed out county roads

This week we provided a visual inspection tour of our storm and flood damage with FEMA field representatives and reviewed the requirements for filling the requests for assistance.  This site survey was very productive and our staff is focused on pursuing this additional funding source.  We have several areas that have been identified as possibly eligible and will be working with FEMA for reimbursement.  We are working to fix these issues now and are not waiting on approval of reimbursement, if the county will be reimbursed that is good, but we are not delaying repairs to our washed out roads and bridges.


We continued rebuilding and repairing the damage we sustained on several of our county roads that are washed out to bedrock.  Our grade and rock crews are working through the more than 200 open work orders for these washed out areas.  Just to name a few, Industrial, Camp Road, Prairie Grove, Forest Hills, May, Penn, Western, and Seward Road to the West of Broadway are still in very bad shape as there were several miles still washed down to the bedrock.  We are working to restore these areas that like many others, suffered significant erosion and culvert washouts from the last flood and has our full attention for repair, our crews will be working overtime this weekend.

Waterloo road between Western and Santa Fe will remain closed until Oklahoma and Logan counties complete the mutual cooperative agreement and specific joint project memorandum.  In conversation this week with the Oklahoma County District 3 Commissioner, Ray Vaughn, the agreements were approved and signed by Oklahoma County on Thursday of this week.  The Logan County District Attorney is now reviewing the last of the mutual agreements and we have scheduled a special meeting of the Logan Board of Commissioners for 9AM this coming Monday, July 27th, to review and approve.  We estimate construction may begin as early as Tuesday, July 28th and should be completed with a re-opening of the road by the end of next week.

The Coltrane Road asphalt overlay project is progressing as the utility relocation phase is now back on schedule.  In communication with ODOT this week they are putting out for bid the demolition contract to clear out all structures and previously demolished rubble in the new right of way.  We will also be met with the Rural Water District #1 and the engineering contractors and came to a mutually agreed to option for fording new water lines under the adjoining creek. Our road crews continue to work through this last weekend to reshape the washed out areas on Coltrane to keep them passable and will continue to maintain this area until paved.

The new asphalt resurface project for county road EW-87/Charter Oak from Kelley Ave East to Broadway is scheduled to begin August 3rd 2015 and complete within 2 weeks.  We should have another new mile of paved roadway by August 17th 2015.  The pre-construction conference was held at with the Region 4 ODOT Stillwater on July 14 and was quite productive and informative, intended to go over the pre-construction checklist between ODOT and the paving contractor.  The outcome was very good as other than some minor administration tasks there were no real impediments to add additional delay to precede.  The contractor expects to start the week of August 3rd and should complete with two weeks after start.

Until next week, be safe out there on our county roads and bridges.

Marven Goodman


Logan County, District 1

Work: 405 282-3581

Cell:    405 679-0350

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  1. Jimmy   July 27, 2015 at 8:15 pm

    Cut any trailer houses in half lately Marven?

    We are so proud of you! Wow, really proud!


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