District 1: Portion of Waterloo Road continues to be closed

District 1: Portion of Waterloo Road continues to be closed

We continue to be blessed with more rain than our lakes, rivers, and streams can accommodate and with this last week’s deluge we now have several of our county roads washed out to bedrock. This latest flood damage is most evident in southern Logan County along the streams and tributaries of the Cottonwood Creek. Our road crews are now beginning the process of again rebuilding these washed out areas. Again, counting our blessings, this coming week looks to be rain free which will allow our road crews to work through the issues and work orders called in by our concerned residents. To that end we have authorized overtime for our repair crews to work this weekend.


Coltrane Road utility relocation is continuing with good progress and should finish demolition of structures blocking the new right of way next week. Camp Road, Prairie Grove, and Seward Road to the West of Broadway all suffered from the flooding with several miles washed down to the bedrock. These road sections, like many others, suffered significant erosion and culvert washouts from the last flood and has our full attention for repair.

Waterloo road between Western and Santa Fe will remain closed until Oklahoma and Logan counties complete the cooperative agreement and specific joint project paperwork early this next week to allow repair of the damaged and blocked drainage culvert. This creek actually runs from South to North from Oklahoma County into Logan County. When the tin-horn collapsed on the Oklahoma County side it caused all the flood waters to come over the top of the road causing erosion of the Logan County side of the road. We are working closely with Oklahoma County to expedite these repairs.

The good news is it’s not supposed to rain for several days which will allow our grading crews to work the roads since it does no good to try to grade mud. We encourage everyone to watch for repair crews and please report all dangerous road conditions.

Until next week, be safe out there on our county roads and bridges.

Marven Goodman


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