District 1: Considering, revising county road speed limits

District 1: Considering, revising county road speed limits

The last few weeks have been very productive as our repair and maintenance teams have completed several projects. We have graded and graveled a good portion of Forest Hills west of Sooner Road and our right of way team also filled in several washed out areas. Our neighbors on W Camp Road just west of the Broadway & Cottonwood Bridge have seen a new road base and gravel in what has always been a sandy muddy mess in the rain. We will finish the last few loads of shale and gravel there and move our road rebuilding focus to Western south of SH33 to Prairie Grove next week.


We have completed our re-dress of Charter Oak between Western and Santa Fe which serves as a primary western direction emergency route from Oak Cliff #2. The reports from several citizens who travel this road frequently have been very positive. This is a gravel road that we resurfaced by widening, raising the center crown, and compacting the road base. We will also be installing two new tinhorns that were just delivered on the west side of the Chisolm Creek Bridge.

This week we met with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) and representatives from Atlas Paving for an acceptance inspection of the asphalt overlay project on Charter Oak from Kelley Ave East to Broadway. They have completed a quality job on the double overlay finished the striping. The last phase will be finishing up with a 1 in 6 shoulder slope where feasible and sod around the culvert areas. Once the shoulder work is completed this will finish the project.

Good progress continues to be made on the Coltrane Road utility relocation as the OG&E contractors have finished setting and stringing the new poles on the expanded right of way. Cutting over to the new lines will mark a major project milestone and signal the wrapping up of this phase of the project. Moving forward, at the September 15th Board of Commissioner meeting we approved 3 million dollars in CIRB funding for completing this project in the FY 2017-2018 construction years. The total remaining cost for the construction phases is just under 9 million dollars total and we have one third of that in CIRB funds. This ratio is well under the 20% match required for federal highway funds and should place this project at the top of the “shovel ready” project grant list.

We have been asked to review and consider revising some District 1 county road speed limits and traffic interchange control requirements. The following traffic control changes have been submitted for consideration: 1) At Penn & Charter Oak to implement a 4 way stop. This change will add a stop for the traffic on Penn at this intersection. 2) Broadway & Charter Oak reduce speed at intersection to 30 mph. 3) Industrial & Santa Fe reduce speed at interception to 30 mph. The following county road speed reductions have been submitted for consideration: 1) Broadway from Waterloo to Simpson Lane reduce speed limit to 40 mph. 2) Kelley north of Waterloo to Charter Oak reduce speed to 40 mph. Please let us know what you think about the proposals. Next month we will take your recommendations to the Logan Board of Commissioners for action.

You can visit us online at http://www.commissiondistrict1.com/ or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/commissiondistrict1

Until next week, be safe out there on our county roads and bridges.

Marven Goodman
Commissioner Logan County, District 1
Work: 405 282-3581

3 Responses to "District 1: Considering, revising county road speed limits"

  1. Robert Robinson   September 19, 2015 at 7:46 pm

    I think the speed limit on Broadway should stay at the 50 mph that it is at the present time

  2. Al Ingram   September 20, 2015 at 6:51 pm

    Commissioner, S. Midwest Blvd. needs to be asphalt paved. Is this road scheduled?

    • Tara   October 7, 2015 at 1:52 pm

      Mr. Ingram, S. Midwest Blvd is not in District 1. It is in District 2, you will need to contact the county commissioner of that district for the answer to that.


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