District 2: Waterloo and I-35 considered project at $26 million

District 2: Waterloo and I-35 considered project at $26 million

Last week, Director Mike Patterson, Commissioner Ray Vaughn and I met and discussed the plans being considered for the replacement of the bridge on I-35 and Waterloo Rd. With a total projected cost of $26 million, the first $2 million will be spent in FY2019 to acquire Right of Way and move utilities. The $24 million for actual construction should start in FY2021. Four designs for the intersection of I-35 (6 lanes) and Waterloo (4 lanes) are still under consideration. This decision on design is expected very soon. Our concern is that neither ODOT nor our two counties are capable of maintaining traffic signals. This is an unincorporated area outside any city limits and we simply do not have the resources. The new bridge will retain its south bend of Waterloo into Oklahoma County at I-35.


Commissioner Vaughn and I have come to an agreement on a two lane asphalt overlay on Waterloo, subject to approval by both our boards and legal councils. The cost is estimated at $350,000 per mile to be shared by both county districts. Labor will be shared as well. The first mile to be repaved will be from Midwest to Douglas. Work will begin shortly after the project is approved.

We are moving closer to having Anderson off Waterloo repaved. Drainage work is close to completion and we hope to have the project completed within a month. Construction of Westminster off Waterloo should begin shortly thereafter.

Work on Roller Coaster should begin within a month with tree removal and road widening.

The Luther CIRB Project has been shortened. Though six miles engineering and environmentals have been completed, ODOT’s change in how these projects are authorized has shortened this project to two miles. Construction is slated for FY 2018. This road from Waterloo to Hwy 105 will be the only paved road in this quadrant of the county.

We are finishing up with shale and rock in the far SE part of the district. This area is the most challenging in our district as it is furthest away and has no paved county roads leading leading to it.  Good weather is a must for stabilizing these populated areas.

Gravel costs $11/ton. To gravel one mile requires 1000 tons at a cost of $11,000/mile. Depending on location within the district, it requires one to two weeks to gravel a mile of road. We have over 10 miles of road on our current list of needs which we are knocking out one mile at a time. Our next roads should be Midwest from Camp to Triplett and the four miles of Indian Meridian from Hwy 105 to Langston. Other roads will be addressed as needed.

Loves last projection for opening is mid November. The high pressure Guthrie waterline on Midwest should begin this weekend. A guess at opening Midwest to traffic is two to three weeks.

Dump your unwanted furniture, appliances and junk at the District 2 roll off dumpster, not in the creek. It is free to Logan County residents (non commercial) to use. We are located at 1550 N Midwest which is one mile north of the new Loves Truckstop being constructed at the I-35/Hwy 33 intersection. While Midwest is closed, College is the best way to get here. Our hours are 7:30-4 M-F.

Do not count on “someone else” to keep us informed on road conditions. .We will respond as soon as we are able. Our office is 282-3405 and my cell is 405-650-0384 and I text. Or email us at commissiondistrict2@gmail.com

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