District 1 Update: Coltrane project rolling on schedule for 2018

District 1 Update: Coltrane project rolling on schedule for 2018

Mother Nature may sometimes disappoint but she is never boring.


It’s not real news anymore that we have trees down all over the county. Our crews are making the rounds to clear these broken trees and branches out of our ditch lines. Please be mindful of them and be on the watch for all other workers during cleanup operations.

This week we went out to look at the Simpson Lane project along with the overlay contract engineer and conducted a sight survey of county maintenance recommendations for the current right of way footprint. The county intends to focus additional resources to provide for a routine maintenance update ensuring the right of way ditches drain the roadway properly. This commitment to standard drainage by the county will extend the longevity of the 2017 programmed asphalt overlay of Simpson Lane, Ward Road, and Simpson Road between Broadway and Coltrane Road. We are committed to bringing this stretch of road to county standards.

So far we have had quite an increased number of those taking an interest to vote in our “Save to Pave” program. On Tuesday December 8, 2015, at 6:30 PM we will hold our save to pave town hall meeting at the Chisolm Springs Event Center 7479 W. Simpson Rd.  Our goal for this meeting is to present the current funds saved, personnel, and equipment available to the district for this purpose; we will also present the top five candidate projects submitted for public review and discussion. Come join in the discussion at: http://chisholm.thespringsevents.com/

The Coltrane project change has been approved to add a third lane between Waterloo and Simmons Road. With this ODOT required engineering change updated and resubmitted the application for federal funding was approved last week by the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG) technical committee. This is all good news and there seems to be no additional barriers to finish the full five mile overlay and paving project by 2018.

The first mile of Waterloo Road just west of SH 74 is currently being repaved. This roadway has deteriorated and crumbled due to years of neglect and abuse. We are working together with Oklahoma County in repairing this and other stretches of Waterloo Road. I will be discussing a maximum single vehicle axle limitation with our board of commissioners as a possible way to keep mega heavy loads from doing damage to our county residential commuter streets and highways.

You can visit us online at http://www.commissiondistrict1.com/?page_id=57 or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/commissiondistrict1

Until next time, be safe out there on our county roads and bridges.

Marven Goodman
Logan County, District 1
Work: 405 282-3581

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