District 2 Update: More work coming to Waterloo Road come Spring time

District 2 Update: More work coming to Waterloo Road come Spring time

This Thursday, January 28, 2016, 6:30pm, ODOT will be holding a Public Meeting at Waterloo Road Baptist Church, 3100 E Waterloo Rd to inform the public and to get public input on the new design plans for the I-35 and Waterloo Rd bridge scheduled for construction in FY2021.  The current bridge was constructed in 1960. New traffic lights will probably be installed this year for the I-35 ramps prior to bridge construction.


One year ago we were in a drought and a wildfire raced up Hiwassee Rd destroying a new home on Prairie Grove. Then a series of “drizzle storms” for multiple days hit, followed  by multiple storms through April. The crescendo occurred with a record breaker in May at 10.55″. The year ended with 46.95″ breaking the all time record set in 1997 for the Guthrie area.

District 2 was able to pave 3.75 miles in 2015. In an agreement with Oklahoma Co District 3, one of those miles was Waterloo Rd. Another partial mile of Anderson Rd was paid in part in an agreement with developer Dan Meinders. More than four miles of District 2 roads were striped. Over the past year, 25 miles of our roads have been fully regravelled with many miles of other roads partially gravelled.

A major farm bridge, using federal and state monies, was completed on Prairie Grove at Hiwassee. Two closed bridges on school bus routes have been replaced.

We received our first sales tax revenue in April after its collection in January. To date, each of our road districts have received a total of $254,683.73.  Our district spent $68K on asphalt, $66K for gravel, and $3500 for restriping the curve on Seward and Midwest.  Over $112K remains in the account.

Citizens with unwanted furniture, appliances and junk made good use of the District 2 roll off dumpster at no charge to all Logan County residents (non commercial). Dumping in the District has decreased significantly. Half of this service is paid for with a federal grant. We are located at 1550 N Midwest which is one mile north of the new Loves Truckstop at the I-35/Hwy 33 intersection. Our hours are 7:30-4 M-F.

Several new businesses have come to District 2 the past year. Waterloo NAPA opened in August, followed by the new Dollar General at Midwest and Waterloo. On December 10th, Loves Truck Stop opened on Hwy 33 at I-35. This year will see a new OnCue Express east of I-35 and Waterloo Rd.

Waterloo Rd replacement from Pine (Air Depot) to Midwest is planned for this spring. Waterloo east and west of Coltrane is planned for replacement this spring as well. A right turn lane on Waterloo at Sooner for westbound traffic onto Sooner will come this summer.

Last year our legislators renewed the funding of REAP for rural counties.
ACOG funded seven projects. Four of those are in Logan County.  We will receive reimbursement funding for the paving of Indian Meridian Rd for one mile from Hwy 105 north to College planned for this fall. District 3, Coyle and Langston City also received REAPs.

Work on Triplett (Rollercoaster) Rd has started back up and is on course for completion this summer. Culverts (tinhorns) have been ordered for Westminster for the mile north of Waterloo with paving expected this spring. Charter Oak paving, paid by Dan Meinders, developer, from Midwest east 0.4 miles, is also planned for this spring.

We have received acceptance of our engineer’s NEPA (environmental) study on the six miles of Luther Rd going north from Waterloo. New easement acquisition will begin within the next 6 weeks, then utilities relocation. Currently, only two miles are planned for construction funding by CIRB in 2018. We will continue to fight for more CIRB funding for that other 4 miles by 2018 and the next four miles connecting to Hwy 105 by 2020.

Do not count on “someone else” to keep us informed on road conditions. We will respond as soon as we are able. Our office is 282-3405 and my cell is 405-650-0384 and I text. Or email us at commissiondistrict2@gmail.com

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