Commissioners go into executive session to discuss $6k office desks

Commissioners go into executive session to discuss $6k office desks

A Ponca City company says they have taken their final step before being forced to file a lawsuit against Logan County. The company says office furniture was ordered for a county commissioner and then canceled once it was on its way.


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During public comments of the Feb. 1 Board of County Commissioners, Owner Darrell Dye with Southwest Business Products says his company was given a purchase order from the county to order two desks for a county commissioner’s office. Dye says once the furniture was in the process of being delivered, they got a call from the county to cancel the order.

“We advised the county that we couldn’t cancel the order that its special order furniture and that it was already on its way here. We were told the county was not going to accept this,” Dye said on the non-returnable furniture that was measured sometime in June 2015.

Guthrie News Page has learned the desks (approximately $6,000) were measured specifically for District One Commissioner Marven Goodman.

“Our concern is that a PO (purchase order) is a contract and that’s how we view it as and what the state views it as,” Dye said in front of the three commissioners.

“We feel that in good faith we carried out our end of the bargain, but the county is refusing so far to accept the furniture and pay for the furniture.”

Dye says his small company is in a bind after paying for the furniture. He went on to say this was his final step before being forced to file a suit against the county.

District 3 Commissioner Monty Piearcy asked Logan County Asst. District Attorney Glen Hickerson if they could asked questions during the public comments. Goodman quickly interjected by saying, “Nope. If you have him (Chairman Mike Pearson) put it on the agenda and we can discuss it then.”

The commissioners, along with Hickerson and County Clerk Troy Cole, went into executive session for approximately 30 minutes to discuss the potential lawsuit.

No action was taken following the executive session.

3 Responses to "Commissioners go into executive session to discuss $6k office desks"

  1. Jimmy   February 3, 2016 at 7:04 pm

    How in the hell did this goon Marven get elected? Oh wait….thanks to Jason are in order here. Never mind.

  2. Tom McCoy   February 4, 2016 at 12:19 am

    Maybe Commisioner Marven should pay for the desks himself. The county can’t take care of their streets & roads but a Commisioner has the gall to order $6k desks.

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