District 2 Update: Projects about to begin in the district

District 2 Update: Projects about to begin in the district

In our last update, ODOT was about to have a public meet on the I-35/ Waterloo bridge replacement and Waterloo Rd improvements. We now know that this intersection will be a “Diverging Diamond”, the first for the state of Oklahoma. There will be four lanes under a six lane bridge with traffic light controls at the ramp intersections on Waterloo. Waterloo Rd will be five lanes east and west for about a quarter-mile.


Commissioner Ray Vaughn, Ok Co District 3, and I have agreed to seek federal funding to extend the reconstruction of Waterloo west to Sooner Rd and east to Pine/Air Depot. The repaving of Waterloo from Pine to Midwest is still planned for this spring. This summer the four way stop signs at the highway access lanes will be replaced with traffic signals.

Work on Triplett (Rollercoaster) Rd continues. A “goat trail” when we started, the road is really taking shape. We are still on target for asphalt late this summer.

Bid packets have been sent out to prospective contractors for paving Westminster Rd from Waterloo to Simmons. Bids will be opened at our April 15 BoCC meeting. This is a change from the traditional 6 month bids after Gary Jones, State Auditor, found no provision in the law to allow laid-in-place asphalt 6 month bids. This is a fiscal and time burden on all the counties.

The Funding Agreement for Luther Road for Right of Way acquisition is currently going around ODOT for internal signatures and then acquiring the funding from CIRB. A R/W packet to start negotiating for easement is expected to begin by the end of April or May.

The fees have been approved for the engineering on the Simmons Rd project (from I-35 to Douglas) and have been sent to ODOT’s contracts division. That process takes around a month and a half.  Once all ODOT signatures are obtained, the funds from CIRB will be encumbered and the engineers should have a contract by the end of April to middle of May.

I have been successful at persuading ODOT to replace the guardrails at all the bridges going over I-35 in Logan County which should begin soon. I have also asked that a study be made at the Hwy 33/Hwy 105/Midwest Blvd intersection to address the traffic problem which has occurred with all the trucks making a left turn from Hwy 33 onto Midwest to the new Loves Truck entrance. With several housing projects started to the east on Hwy 105, the stacking of westbound traffic on Hwy 105 at the stop sign at Hwy 33 that is now a problem can only get worse.

Some other projects coming up:

The guardrail at Douglas and Seward intersection is expected to be replaced in June using full federal funding along with two other guardrails.

The new waterline from Langston to Meridian construction is expected in May.

The paving of Indian Meridian from Hwy 105 to College is expected this fall.

The paving of Charter Oak between Douglas and Midwest should be this summer.

Then there’s all the other stuff we do on the side.

The storm siren at the Sooner FD, close to the Oklahoma Christian Camp, will be replaced by this weekend. The warranty for the unit is being honored for the 4 1/2 year old unit.

Logan County citizens with unwanted furniture, appliances and junk have made good use of the District 2 roll off dumpster in 2015. Dumping in creeks and on the side of the road has decreased significantly. It is free to all Logan County residents (non commercial). Half of this service is paid for with a federal grant. This service will continues year around. We are located at 1550 N Midwest which is one mile north of the new Loves Truckstop at the I-35/Hwy 33 intersection. Our hours are 7:30-4 M-F.

Do not count on “someone else” to keep us informed on road conditions. .We will respond as soon as we are able. Our office is 282-3405 and my cell is 405-650-0384 and I text. Or email us at commissiondistrict2@gmail.com

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  1. Mark Disabella   March 13, 2016 at 2:59 pm

    No mention of E.Charter Oak Rd. East of Anderson?


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