Commissioner accosts fellow commissioner following accusation

Commissioner accosts fellow commissioner following accusation

The $11-plus million Coltrane Road project in southern Logan County took an odd twist on Thursday morning during the Board of County Commissioner meeting. One commissioner took exception to an accusation made from another commissioner.


The project first saw plans submitted to engineers back in 2006 under former commissioner Mark Sharpton, who now works for District 2 Commissioner Pearson.

In 2006, the Oklahoma legislature set aside money in the County Improvements for Roads and Bridges Program (CIRB) to help fund major road and bridge projects counties could not afford on their own. These projects were placed on a five-year plan and submitted to ODOT.

The five-mile project, that will extend from Waterloo Road to Seward Road, was discussed as to breaking down the project into three phases. The main obstacle for the project has been securing funding on the state and federal level.

“I’m not comfortable with this. This is not how it was originally was done,” Pearson said of the county project that is being overlooked by District 1 Commissioner Marven Goodman.

“This is not correct on what Commissioner Goodman is saying about it not being funded. It would have been carried over in January ’15 if he had been at the meeting and made such a request, but he did not.”

Goodman quickly interrupted Pearson by saying, “That’s the first time I’m hearing that. You’re a lying son of a bitch,” Goodman said with his arm extended and pointing directly at Pearson. “Now, if you want to bring that kind of stuff out in these kinds of meetings I’m going to call you out. Now, you were the one who that suppose to be representing us on that board and if that was the way it was supposed to be  you didn’t tell anybody about it until right now.”

Goodman continued, “Quit your damn lying.”

After a pause, Pearson asked, “is that enough?”

Goodman responded, “I’m not sure. Is it?”

Ultimately, no action was taken on the agenda item despite an 18-minute discussion and three motions, which none received a second.

Guthrie News Page has obtained video from the meeting and has shared it in this article. The topic begins at the 4:35 mark.

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  1. Tom McCoy   April 1, 2016 at 3:27 pm

    Two of our commissioners need to quit acting like little boys… grow up. You represent the county not your own agendas. If you mess up admit it and go on. Goodman needs to hold his tongue and quit cussing. Pearson needs quit causing problems you have too many miles of roads that need to be fixed… Stop campaigning and do your job. I have a question for all of you…. other counties had ice damage clean up and probably got FEMA why didn’t Logan county?


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