Ambulance service expected to stop, again, in Crescent

Ambulance service expected to stop, again, in Crescent

For the second time in several months, an ambulance service in Logan County is expected to come to an end. Patients in need of an ambulance in Crescent may not have access after June 4.


In a social media post ‘Crescent Ambulance’ posted:

Well, another option has stood up from the table. At this point, when we no longer staff crescent ambulance, as of June 4th crescent school district will not have an ambulance. We need suggestions. And will listen and make record of any presented to us. I, as always, am available for a discussion at any point. We have saved lives here. I worry about that next call.

The Crescent Ambulance Service is funded by a 522 District and not the City of Crescent. Related story: Crescent EMS expected to surrender license; questions adding up

The EMS board voted to shut down services last October. Afterwards, the City of Guthrie provided a mutual agreement for ambulance services.

The Crescent EMS board, which saw resignations and new appointments, started the service once again, but stated they would stop staffing once funding reached $10,000. Related story: BOCC votes three new members to Crescent EMS board

With the 522, it’s just not enough to sustain,” a post from the ambulance’s Facebook post said. “We aren’t receiving enough funds and/or donations. At this point, billing, and the donations we’ve received, isn’t enough to keep the trucks staffed, stocked, and make payroll for our crews.”

American Medical Response last week pulled their offer from the table to service the area. 

A plan after June 4 has not been announced.

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