District 2 Update: Storm debris and road projects

District 2 Update: Storm debris and road projects

On the Monday night of April 26, a tornado caused devastation across the far SE corner of Road District 2. Entering the county at Waterloo and Henney, the EF2 tore across Choctaw and Indian Meridian, jumped over Dobbs, crossing Charter Oak east of Harrah where eleven 100 foot Cottonwoods were knocked down across the road, then on its way to Pottawatomie Rd. The task of getting trees out of the roadways  occupied our crew the rest of the week. There was destruction of numerous large farm structures but no injuries or homes destroyed.


There have been several inquiries as to why the two tornado sirens in Road District 2 were not sounded. The tornado was not within five miles of the sirens and would have been a false alarm. Our Emergency Manager was at the “on” switch had it been needed. New sirens are being planned for Pine (Air Depot) a half mile north of Waterloo and the area of Post and Hwy 105. More on these in our next update.

I have been successful in persuading ODOT to replace the guardrails on all the bridges in Logan County going over I-35. These are the original guardrails installed in 1960, 56 years ago. The posts holding the rails were made of wood and were rotten. The new ones are on steel posts, bolted to the bridges, and have a turndown on the approach to the rail that is concreted into the ground, a much safer approach on these high trafficked county roads. Currently, the ODOT crew is replacing the guardrails at Prairie Grove and at Camp.

Using federal safety funds obtained through ACOG, replacement and improvement of the guardrails and signage at Douglas and Seward and two other locations should begin within the next few weeks.

The turn study for Hwy 105/33 intersection has been completed by ODOT. I have arranged for a meeting with ODOT and the City manager on May 19th to discuss the results of the study and what options might work for funding traffic signals at this dangerous intersection. More on this in next update.

Our share of the asphalt millings coming from the I-35 resurfacing project is about 8,000 tons paid for by our Public Works Trust. About a quarter of this has been transported to various additions. We hope to have enough for every addition where it’s needed.

The Simmons Road Project using CIRB funding (the funding our legislators are threatening to illegally raid) has finally been contracted by ODOT for engineering (originally scheduled for 2015). A Geotechnical drilling rig will be blocking a lane of traffic early next week as they move along between I-35 and Douglas. They will have traffic control so please exercise patience and caution while passing this crew.

Luther Rd is waiting on CIRB funding from the state for R/W acquisition. All signatures by ODOT were obtained and the request submitted over a month ago to encumber these funds. CIRB is acquired from Motor Vehicle Use Tax.

Waterloo Rd between Pine (Air Depot) and Midwest will have a crew working on extending concrete on the south side just east of Ridgecrest Dr. This ditch has been a car catcher for many years and will make this area of Waterloo much safer. Repaving of this stretch of Waterloo is still scheduled for the first part of June.

Westminster paving from Waterloo to Simmons is expected in June. Bids were opened on Friday, May 13th and awarded to Atlas Paving Co.

Rollercoaster Rd reconstruction should restart very soon as the issue of the water leaking from a pond dam on the north side of the project is addressed. Paving continues to be expected by late summer.

We appreciate the support, the communications and the patience which you have given us.  Do not count on “someone else” to keep us informed on road conditions. We will respond as soon as we are able. Our office is 282-3405 and my cell is 405-650-0384 (I text too). Or email us at commissiondistrict2@gmail.com

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