Girl Scout Troops have begun to “Boo” their communities

Girl Scout Troops have begun to “Boo” their communities

The Girl Scout Troops in the surrounding area (Guthrie, Coyle, Cashion, Kingfisher and Hennessey) decided to start a “Boo” for communities in honor of Girl Scout Founder’s Day.


Our founder, Juliet Gordon Lowe was born on Halloween and it was her mission to share the fun of Girl Scouting with as many girls as possible.  So each troop is putting together “Boo’s” and each scout is to deliver them to two friends.

The instructions tell the friends to make two Boos and deliver to their friends. A scout can start a chain reaction of fun gifting in our community.

When a girl receives a “Boo” she is to enjoy the goodies that are delivered then make two copies of the poem and signs to give to two more friends. She then cuts off the “We’ve been Boo’ed” tag and tapes it to her door to show others that she has already been “Boo’ed”.  She makes two “Boo’s” from her own items and attaches her copied signs and delivers her two “Boo’s”.


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