Bruning’s attorney: City currently owes conservatively $400-500k in termination case

Bruning’s attorney: City currently owes conservatively $400-500k in termination case

Mark Bruning’s attorney on Monday morning says the City of Guthrie currently owes between $400,000 and $500,000 in back pay, increases and attorney fees.


“It’s growing on a daily basis,” Bruning’s attorney Scott Adams said during a press conference in his downtown Oklahoma City office.

The conference comes just days after the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals agreed with a district court and independent arbitrator in favor of Bruning, who was terminated as a lieutenant with the Guthrie Police Department.

In Nov. 2014, arbitrator Mark Reed found fault in both parties and ruled the City of Guthrie wrongfully terminated Bruning and that he be suspended for six months without pay. In addition, the City was to reinstate Bruning back to the department in the same position (lieutenant) when he was terminated along with back pay. Related story: Arbitrator finds fault in firing of police officer; Bruning cleared to go back to work

Bruning was accused of abusing his power when he had his wife’s ex-husband (Kyle White) arrested at the Sept. 2013 Mumford & Sons concert. Related story: Guthrie police officer terminated on Monday

Adams said he was willing to waive his fees following the arbitration case.

“They continue to stub their toe. Continue to throw the tax payer’s money away. They just don’t care what the average person in Guthrie is having to go through and all the money this is costing them,” Adams said with Bruning to his side.

If the City of Guthrie (city council) elects to appeal the case, again, they would need go to the highest court in Oklahoma (Oklahoma Supreme Court) to decide on the case.

“Nothing would shock me with Guthrie (the City) anymore,” Adams said on a potential third appeal. “They’re so dysfunctional out there in the way they run their government. They’re too egotistical up there and maybe this will wake them up.”

Guthrie News Page reached out to City Attorney Randel Shadid by phone last week, but did not hear back. The next city council meeting is set for Feb. 7. An agenda is yet to be posted, but this case is likely to appear as an executive session item. The meeting will also be the first for incoming City Manager Leroy Alsup.

Bruning is ready to go back to GPD

Throughout the conference, Bruning repeated his love for Guthrie. It was the place where he got his start in police work and says he wants to go back doing it.

“I want everybody to try to come together and get back on the right path,” Bruning said.

Adams says he is hopeful the City will give him a call, negotiate a deal so Bruning can be back on the force protecting the citizens of Guthrie.

Bruning, who says is hopeful to graduate from EMT classes in eight weeks, says he has been able to find work throughout the last three years, but that it has not been always easy with this on-going case.

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