Ask Dr. Anna: A day in the life of a veterinary clinic

Ask Dr. Anna: A day in the life of a veterinary clinic

This article is for all those aspiring veterinarians or for inquiring minds that want to know what it’s like to work at a veterinary clinic.  Dr. Anna Coffin will reveal her daily schedule at Guthrie Pet Hospital.  Every veterinary clinic will be a little different in their scheduling, but we all do the same things. 


Veterinary Clinic Types:

  1. Small veterinary clinic:  dogs and cats and usually some exotic pets.
  2. Mixed veterinary clinic:  dogs, cats, horses, cows, goats, sheep and usually some exotic pets.
  3. Exotic veterinary clinic:  exotic animals only, which include birds, reptiles, and pocket pets
  4. Referral veterinary clinic:   Specialty clinics with board certified veterinarians. These doctors only see patients in their specialty.  Specialization includes surgery, ophthalmology, oncology, internal medicine, and much

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