Report: Girlfriend of murder suspect arrested; accused of helping boyfriend escape

Report: Girlfriend of murder suspect arrested; accused of helping boyfriend escape

Oklahoma City police made another arrest in connection with the man shot 36 times in Guthrie, according to a report late Monday evening by an Oklahoma City television station.


KOCO reports that Reagan Armstrong helped her boyfriend and murder suspect Derrick Smith escape. Court documents revealed several tips and led detectives to Armstrong’s apartment complex near Air Depot Road and Northeast 10th Street in Oklahoma City. Police believed Smith was hiding there, but after staking out the complex, officers could not find signs of him or Armstrong.

Law enforcement continues to search for Smith.

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Thanks to tracking Smith’s cellphone, police say the couple fled to Austin after the murder took place, but that the phone came back to Oklahoma. Police finally caught up with Armstrong and said the two went on a “couple’s drive.”

Police are searching for Derrick Smith, who is wanted in the murder case.

After a search of the cellphone, police say they found “screenshots of local news reports showing Smith being a wanted fugitive for murder.”

Smith and his older cousin, Reggie Smith, are accused of shooting Joey Angelo 36 times in the 300 block of E. Oak Street. Related article: Murder victim identified; mother reaches out for help

Reggie Smith remains in the Logan County Jail. Related article: Arrest made in Guthrie homicide; another suspect on the run 

If you have any information regarding this case you’re encouraged to call the Guthrie Police Department at 405-282-3535.

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