County officer announces his candidacy for 2019

County officer announces his candidacy for 2019

With more than a year until the primary election for the District 1 County Commissioner office, Commissioner Marven Goodman says he will seek re-election.


Goodman made the announcement with a social media post on Facebook early Tuesday morning.

“And so, I do officially announce my candidacy for the 2018-2022 election cycle for the office of County Commissioner of District 1 Logan County in the Great State of Oklahoma,” Goodman said in the post.

In 2014, Goodman defeated incumbent Mark Sharpton (by 46 votes) and assumed the District 1 office in 2015. The term expires at the end of 2018.

Goodman says as a founding member of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Oklahoma, many Republican constituents are disappointed with Republican officials.

“Many of our Republican constituents are disappointed with their elected officials in the Oklahoma Republican Party who have failed to follow our platform, who voted to raise taxes, and grow state government during a time of budget shortfalls, giving an ever increasing influence and expand the role of state agencies over our individual lives.”

Goodman explained he will not seek campaign contributions and will personally finance his re-election bid.

“I only ask for your continued, ongoing support, and endorsements in my bid to continue to represent the constituency in my Commission District, our County, and this Great State.”

The 2018 primary election is set for June 2018 and the general election in Nov. 2018.

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