Guthrie proclaims Smallest National Park Week for downtown park

Instructors and students in the Guthrie Job Corps help dedicate a monument with Guthrie Vice Mayor Ed Wood in front of the Smallest National Park.

Guthrie proclaims Smallest National Park Week for downtown park


On Monday morning, Park Ranger Stacy and the City of Guthrie helped declare this week as the Smallest National Park Week. They did so in front of an elm tree and a wrought iron fence, which actually – yeah is a national park.

The national park can be found on 2nd Street between Oklahoma and Harrison Ave. Be sure not to blink, or you will miss it.

Its 100 square feet, located behind the Guthrie Post Office, and as Ranger Stacy (Frazier) says it goes back to the original Land Office that occupied this spot in the Land Run of 1889.

Ranger Stacy says, in 1907 the city clerk drew up a document that set aside a chunk of land, which they did, but the clerk was a touch off on the math and document. Instead of writing parcel of land 100 foot square, they wrote 100 square feet.

Ranger Stacy said because this was already an established historic marker, and because it was on federal property, it transferred directly to the control of the National Parks Department.

The rest, of course being in Guthrie, is history.

A monument now sits in front of the park, which was constructed by the Guthrie Job Corps instructors and students in the welding department.

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