Contract awarded to update City parks with CIP dollars

Contract awarded to update City parks with CIP dollars

Mineral Wells Park and Highland Park will soon be getting updates to the basketball and tennis courts. In addition, a volleyball court will be added to one of the parks. The project will be funded through the capital improvement project (CIP) sales tax revenue.


The Guthrie city council voted 6-0 to award the bid to Merritt Tennis & Track Systems of Oklahoma City for $267,880. The breakdown of the cost, includes $168,940 for Mineral Wells and $98,940 for Highland Park. In addition, $29,600 was spent on engineering fees and $22,735 was added for contingencies.

The final price tag is listed at $320,215.80.

City Manager Leroy Alsup said there was some “miscommunication” before his arrival on the cost of the project and that only $173,000 was budgeted for the project. To meet the additional ($94,880) cost of the project, $146,288 from the proposed splash pad project will be moved to accommodate the parks project.

Alsup says the splash pad project is still in the CIP plans, but will be considered in next fiscal year (2018), which begins October 1.

At Highland Park, the tennis courts will be upgraded to United States Tennis Association complaint, which will allow schools to host matches, if needed. A retaining wall will be added between the courts along with new nets and a new playing surface. The courts will also be ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.

At Mineral Wells Park, a basketball court will be constructed with fencing, lighting and bleachers. One of the two tennis courts will also allow pickle ball to be played. The second tennis court will be converted to a volleyball court. Both courts will be resurfaced and striped.

In February 2016, Guthrie voters approved the CIP with a 15-year, three-quarter cent sales tax.

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