Health Department celebrates bicycling as a fun and healthy activity for the whole family

Health Department celebrates bicycling as a fun and healthy activity for the whole family

As National Bike Month draws to a close, the Logan County Health Department would like to remind residents that bicycling is one of the best ways to add fun and physical activity to your daily routine.


It’s no secret that bicycling is great at keeping chronic disease at bay, but it’s also a fantastic way to spend time with loved ones/friends, get to know your neighbors, and maybe even save some gas money.

Don’t feel like you have to have fancy clothes or equipment to ride your bicycle. Aside from maybe rolling up your pant leg to keep it out of the chain, there’s no need to buy fancy bike clothes, unless you just want to.

Don’t worry about being out of shape. Start small by riding around the block, and it’s fine to walk the bike when you’re tired or you’re nervous about the traffic or safety. If your neighborhood isn’t bike-friendly, maybe you can walk or drive to a different area, and then ride.

Before you know it, you might even be able to use your bike to run errands that might normally be done by car. Getting milk from the store, returning a library book, or buying stamps from the post office can become activities that help prevent heart disease and other chronic diseases.

Here are a few more quick tips:

*Ride on the right-hand side of the street in the same direction as the flow of automobile traffic. It’s easier for motorists to see you, especially if they’re turning.

*Always use hand signals when turning. When turning left, point your left arm straight out. When turning right, point your left elbow out and point your hand straight up.

*Don’t assume motorists or pedestrians can see you. Using hand signals, making eye contact, smiling, waving – just being courteous – all help keep the roads safe for everyone.

*Ride during daylight hours. If you absolutely have to ride at night, get a light for the bike and always wear bright, reflective clothing.

For more information about bicycle safety, you can go to,, or contact the Logan County Health Department at 282-3485.

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