June and July events at Guthrie Public Library

June and July events at Guthrie Public Library
June and July events at Guthrie Public Library
Healthy Literacy Program at the Guthrie Public Library Descriptions
1) Thursday, June 8 2017
Topic: Healthy Weight Kickoff
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
This segment will engage attendees with Basic Health Information. A presenter will lead this discussion and participants will identify a healthy weight and ways to attain that goal. Participants can weigh-in. Pedometers provided to each participant.
2) Thursday, June 15 2017
Topic: What is Your Healthy Weight?
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Attendees will learn and discuss what it means to be overweight and receive materials to support their weight management journey. A presenter will lead this conversation. Participants can weigh-in and talk about experiences with pedometers.
3) Thursday, June 22, 2017
Topic: Exercising on a Budget
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Attendees will learn healthy exercise choices. During this event, attendees will learn basic/joint/bone sensitive exercises. Participants can weigh-in and talk about experiences with pedometers.
4) Tuesday, July 18, 2017
Topic: Eating to Live
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
A healthy diet is one way to reduce weight. It is not as hard as many may think. It starts with simple steps. Attendees will receive a demonstration of healthy food preparation. Participants can weigh-in and talk about experiences with pedometers.
5) Tuesday, July 25, 2017
Topic: What is BMI?
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Attendees will receive information regarding BMI and learn about its significance. Each attendee will receive a one-on-one consultation from a health practitioner. Participants can weigh-in and talk about experiences with pedometers.
6) Thursday, July 27, 2017
Topic: Celebrating the Journey
5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
All participants will meet to talk about their Healthy Weight Journey. Participants and their family members are invited to celebrate the 6 (six) week journey with stories, experiences, and learning moments.
Childrens Programs
Mondays from 9 – 11 AM, Clean Up Guthrie Project: Join the Guthrie Public Library for a community litter cleanup, that focuses on the parks and streets of Guthrie. MUST SIGN Waiver. Volunteer shirts are available on a first come first serve basis. Limited amount of gloves and rakes. Materials donated by Neighborhood Solutions. All ages welcomed, must meet at clean up location.
June 5th Highland Park
June 12th Mineral Wells Park
June 19th Mitchell Park (Lake Guthrie)
June 26th Down Town Guthrie (Meet at the Guthrie Library)
Tuesday, June 6th & 20th from 1-2 PM & Thursday, June 1st, 15th, and 29th from 3:30 – 5:00 PM. Lego Club: Create, Build, Learn, and have Fun! Please do not bring legos from home unless you wish to donate them to the Guthrie Library. Please RSVP for this event. All Ages Welcomed.
Wednesdays at 10:30 AM. Story Time (Ages 0-5): Enjoy stories, songs, rhymes, crafts and more! Please RSVP.
Thursday June 8th & 22nd from 2 – 4 PM. Build A Better World Craft Day: How can you build a better world? Join us on June 8th to build our own tiny community, and June 22nd when we will be planting our own flowers to make the world beautiful. Come and Go event, please RSVP, materials are first come first serve. All ages welcomed.
Wednesday, June 7th from 1- 2 PM & 2 – 3 PM; Insect Adventure: The Bugs Are Back! OSU Extension Office is back with another informative hands on experience. Learn about local bugs and how they help to build a better world. Two one hour sessions; 1 – 2 PM & 3 – 4 PM, MUST RSVP! Only 35 slots available per session.
Monday, June 12th from 2 – 3 PM; Rob Holladay the Magical Balloon Guy: Rob Holladay is The Magical Balloon Guy! Building a Better World Magical Balloon Show is a 45-minute show filled with Balloons, Puppets, comedy, magic, audience participation and giveaways! It’s designed to get children excited about the library and great for the whole family! Please RSVP for this event.
Wednesday, June 14th from 2 – 3 PM; Science Museum Oklahoma Presents: Little Scientists Lab: Science Museum Oklahoma will be making a special stop at the Guthrie Public Library and they are bringing their tiny science lab with them. Hands on activities and experiments!
Please RSVP, 50 participant limit, (not including parents).
Tuesday, June 20th from 3 – 4PM; Oklahoma City Zoo presents: Animal Architects: Join the Oklahoma City Zoo at the Guthrie Public Library as we explore amazing animal architects and their construction projects. Please RSVP for this event.
Teen Programs
June 1st. Start of summer reading program
Book trailer contest prizes- Ipad-$25-$15-$10
June 8th-Summer Scrapbook 6-7PM
We will be making mini summer scrapbooks. Feel free to bring your own stuff you want to add to your personalized scrapbook. RSVP
June 15th-Bad Art Night 6-7PM
Create a Cringe. Make art that is cringe worthy and win a prize worthy of your effort. RSVP
June 22nd-Cardboard Challenge 6-7PM
We will be giving out materials and the guidelines for Cardboard Challenge Contest. Judging and prizes will be given out at the end of summer party. Prizes are $25-$15-$10 RSVP
June 29th– Zoo by Design 6-7PM
Zoos face many challenges when creating animal exhibits. In this simulation game, teams make decisions about animals, buildings, and visitor amenities to create a 21st century visitor amenities to create a 21st century zoo.
July 6th-Upcycle project 6-7PM
We will be taking “trash” and turning it into useful and/or decorative items. RSVP
July 13th-Mini Greenhouse project 6-7PM
We will taking items typically discarded and turning them into mini greenhouses. RSVP
July20th-Pokeball catapult building 6-7PM
We will be building Catapults capable of throwing pokeballs. We will provide the balls. There will be door prizes. RSVP
July 27th-End of Summer Party 6-7PM
We will have a speaker from Hope Fountain Foundation speaking. There will be pizza, soda, cupcakes and cookies. We will be judging the cardboard challenge and the Book Trailer contest and giving out prizes. RSVP
Adult Programs
Tuesday, June 6th 6pm: “Escaping the Carroll House” An escape room where you get a puzzling and dangerous escape challenge that will test your abilities and perhaps even spell your ultimate demise! ONLY 10 participants sign up at the Library!!
Saturday, June 10th 11am-12pm: Medicare Basics– Learn the basics of Medicare coverage and your supplement options.
Tuesday, June 13th 6pm: Book Club BasicsThinking of starting your own book club? Learn how to get started and find tips about structuring your meetings, facilitating a great discussion, and finding the right books to share among friends!
Thursday, June 15th 12-6pm: OBI Blood DriveOklahoma Blood Institute will be here in Partnership with Mercy Hospital for a Blood Drive. From age 16+ (under 18 need parental permission) are eligible to donate. Plus each donor will receive 2 tickets to the OKC Zoo and a Zoo themed t-shirt for their donation.
Saturday, June 17th 1-3pm: Cupcake TournamentFOR ALL AGES!! Ages 3-12 can enter the cookie decorating contest, ages 13+ are will be entered into their age appropriate section to find the best cupcake in Logan County! Prizes, tastings, and family fun for a Saturday afternoon.
Tuesday, June 20th 5-8pm: Family Board Game Night FOR ALL AGES!! Spend some quality family time at the Library with pizza, snacks, door prizes, and board game fun! You might also be interested in other family based adventures similar to something like https://lockdownrooms.com/pick-a-las-vegas-escape-room/ and other puzzble games fun for all of the family.
Tuesday, June 27th 6-8pm: Coloring Club Revolution Be ready to get colored from head to toe with paint water balloons, sponge paint tag, and much more! A vibrantly colorful night is waiting for you. Anybody and everyone is welcome!!

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