Wrongfully terminated police officer receives six digit back pay settlement

Wrongfully terminated police officer receives six digit back pay settlement

Guthrie Police Lt. Mark Bruning received a six digit settlement offer for back pay following a city council executive session on Tuesday night.


Bruning, who was wrongfully terminated from the police force in October 2013, will receive up to $158,000 in back pay, according to the City’s offer. However, that offer has not been signed by Bruning.

Following an executive session at the regular scheduled council meeting, Vice Mayor Ed Wood made a motion for the Mayor (Steve Gentling) to execute a settlement agreement to resolve back payment claim with the limitation that the gross amount of the settlement payment not to exceed $158,000, plus city payroll expenses and to seek a district court judgement.

The council voted 5-2 with yes votes coming from Gentling, Sharyl Padgett, Jeff Taylor, Jim Case and Jason Smedley. The two no votes were recorded from Wood and Brian Bothroyd.

There was no public discussion before the vote.

Bruning was terminated in Oct. 2013 for an incident at the Mumford & Sons concert in Sept. 2013. However, an arbitrator ruled the City of Guthrie wrongfully terminated Bruning. The arbitrator ruled he return back to the department in the same position (lieutenant) when he was terminated and back pay. The ruling also stated Bruning was suspended for six months without pay. Related story: Guthrie police officer terminated on Monday

The City reached an agreement with the individual who was arrested at the concert for an undisclosed amount of money shortly after the incident.

Bruning returned to the police department last month (May 1).

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  1. Corie Coker   June 8, 2017 at 12:30 pm

    Thanks Brunning for taking every single bit of profit this city made off that concert


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