Emergency responders cut through home’s floor to rescue dog

Photo courtesy of Battalion Chief Erin Jones.

Emergency responders cut through home’s floor to rescue dog

The Guthrie Fire Department has responded to several unusual calls throughout the years, but the latest occurred on Sunday night when a family pet fell several feet below a Guthrie home.


Firefighters, along with police officers from the Guthrie Police Department, responded to the 400 block of N. Wentz just before 11:30 p.m. after “Cocoa” gotten underneath it’s owner home and fell into a 12 foot cistern.

A cistern was once used to access rainwater for cooking and laundry.

Crew members were forced to cut through the home’s dining room floor to access the cistern. A roof ladder allowed Captain Ryan Adams to climb down and place a rope around Cococa. Once secured, Firefighter Sam Kohler raised Cocoa to safety.

The female puppy began to whimper as she was placed on solid ground as if she was thanking the crew members.

Kohler was involved in another unusual rescue after a baby goat lodged its head through a wired fence in June 2015. Related articleGoat rescue 911; Guthrie firefighters to the unusual rescue

Battalion Chief Erin Jones captured video (below) of the rescue.

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