Guthrie teen makes Twitter deal with rock band to play at sister’s wedding

Guthrie teen makes Twitter deal with rock band to play at sister’s wedding

It was a long shot for a Guthrie teen when she tweeted out to a well-known band to play at her sister’s wedding, but a Twitter deal is a deal, right?


Nicki Hurren, 17, took to Twitter on July 8 when she tweeted The All-American Rejects and asking, “Aye @therejects how many rts for you to play at my sisters wedding the Friday after ur show in OK?? Or do you have any gift ideas? I need em.”

Less than 24 hours later, The All-American Rejects tweeted with a challenge of “50k.” retweets. Nicki tweeted back with “Consider it done.”

The band is scheduled to play in Durant on Oct. 7. Nicki’s sister, Jamie, who graduated from Guthrie High School and currently is a student at the University of Oklahoma, wedding date is Oct. 13.

Despite having less than 200 followers (now 1,180) at the time of writing, Nicki has now had her original tweet shared nearly 75,000 times by Tuesday morning.

We call that going viral.

Frontman Tyson Ritter responded to Nicki after blowing past 50,000 retweets by posting, “It seems you have bested us. What so I gotta go rent a powder blue tux now?”

Nicki’s response, “There’s no need to be formal. A suit works just fine.”

Will they show up? It would not a popular move if not. An informal Twitter poll of nearly 16,000 votes reveals 78 percent of the Twitter users believe the band will indeed play at the wedding.

The All-American, who formed in Stillwater, have sold over 10 million albums worldwide. They were ranked No. 73 on the “Hot 100 Artists of the 2000s and No. 183 on the “Billboard 200 Artists of the Decade” list.

So how is Nicki taking all this in? Well, of course, you can read it on Twitter. “Idk how I’m gonna be able to move along after all of this is over,” she posted on Monday.

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  1. Brian Johnson   July 12, 2017 at 11:01 am

    I bet they will show – They are stand up guys before being the rock n role types. They are personal friends with my sister and crash at her place when in town to catch up. Cool dudes in my opinion. Music is good too LoL


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