Traffic signal lights being considered on Broadway

Traffic signal lights being considered on Broadway

Currently the Logan County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) do not operate traffic signal lights inside the county, but one commissioner is considering adding lights to an intersection following the most recent accident.


District 1 County Commissioner Marven Goodman is seeking estimates on possibly adding traffic signal lights at the intersection of Broadway and Charter Oak.

In the June 30 BOCC meeting, Goodman shared a recent accident at the intersection, which left a three-year-old with a broken collarbone, a 5-year-old sibling traumatized from the event and a mother upset with a motorist who pulled out in front of them.

In September 2014, a 50-year-old man was killed at the intersection following a three vehicle accident.

“It’s a blind intersection,” Goodman said.

East and westbound traffic on Charter Oak Road are stopped with a blinking stop sign. Below the stop sign is another sign that alerts drivers that traffic on Broadway does not stop.

“It seems to me people who are going to run stop signs, run them if they’re blinking or not,” Goodman said.

When asked for a time frame on the traffic light, Goodman responded by saying, “last week.”

The commissioner says a traffic study has been done and admits adding lights is the most expensive solution.

“Unfortunately, it’s the most expensive solution, but you can’t put a price on people’s lives.”

To view the video on this topic, the conversation begins at the 29:00 mark.

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