United Way kicks off 2017 season

United Way kicks off 2017 season

The campaign season is underway for United Way Logan County as the organization raises funds for 11 programs at 10 partner agencies. Those agencies are on the frontline helping residents of the community live healthier, happier lives.


The United Way of Logan County (UWLC) board members revealed their goal of $185,000 at their Sept. 13 annual kickoff.

UWLC values health, education, financial stability and quality of life.

“We believe these core elements are critical to our success as individuals, as families and as a community,” a UWLC spokesperson said. “In order to achieve our vision of a stronger, healthier and more compassionate community, we are working to provide access to these essentials to all people in Logan County through five focus areas.”

At the Kickoff, hamburgers and hot dogs were served by celebrity chefs and members of the Guthrie FFA helped overlook the event.

If you would like to contribute or need more information visit UWLC’s website at www.unitedwaylogancounty.org.

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