Council approves engineering to begin for proposed Banner Park

Council approves engineering to begin for proposed Banner Park

With a recommendation from the Park Board, the Guthrie city council unanimously approved preliminary and final phase design to begin for Banner Park, which would bring a playground, picnic areas and the City’s first splash pad to the west side of town.


The council began discussion on the park while revealing their plan for the property, located at 1124 W. Warner, or formerly known as Banner School, in August.

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The project, which would be funded through the Capital Improvements Projects sales tax, would bring several newly needed amenities and options including small single-family picnic areas, a slash pad, ADA playgrounds, walking trails, parking, a Parks Department facility and public restrooms.

The estimated construction cost for the playground and restroom facility was set at $828,980 to go along with $82,500 for architect and engineering services, $22,000 for survey and staking and $82,898 for project contingencies) for a total estimated cost of $1,016,378.

The cost for the phase design, provided by Myers Engineering, was set at $52,640.

The City took ownership of the old school building and land in 2015 after an agreement with prior owner Larry Ladd. Ladd turned the property over to the City, who then began demolishing the property and is 90 percent complete.

In the early morning hours of May 9, 2014, the 79-year-old building was engulfed in flames and was later determined it was set on fire by juveniles.

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  1. verdun2   October 11, 2017 at 7:41 pm

    OK, I’ll bite. What are the starburst things and the round things located inside the walking path supposed to be? The trees on the edges I get. Also what’s the rectangular item just north of the splash pad? Anybody know?


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