Ask Dr. Anna: Top 4 reasons why clients avoid cat vet visit

Ask Dr. Anna: Top 4 reasons why clients avoid cat vet visit

I’ve been practicing veterinary medicine for over twenty years and have experienced the entire spectrum of reactions from cat vet visits that you can imagine.


These cat reactions range from “You’re my best friend” to “I want to kill you.”

The cat vet visit that could be right out of a horror flick is just one of the reasons that cat owners don’t like taking their cat to the vet. However, no matter how much their cats don’t want to visit the vet it is still important that they do since there are a lot of ailments that could affect their pets and require help from a vet. To find out more about the different ailments that could affect cats, check out somewhere like
In a recent study conducted by Royal Canin, they reported that 92% of cat owners say their cat’s health is important to them, but only half of all cats are taken to the veterinarian by their caretakers on a regular basis. It is essential that owners realize the importance of visiting their local vet. Magnolia Springs Veterinary Center offers a wide variety of veterinary services near Racine WI.

This week, I will reveal the top four excuses clients use for not taking their cats to the vet and how to resolve these issues.

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