Man arrested for sex crime; tased during booking

Man arrested for sex crime; tased during booking

A man was arrested last week for an alleged sex crime and an additional charge once he arrived to the Logan County Jail.


The Logan County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 500 block of N. Hogan, in Cedar Valley, in the early morning hours of Nov. 24 for a possible rape in progress.

As deputies arrived at around 3 a.m., a man and woman were found in the master bedroom sitting on the bed with the female covering herself with a comforter, according to a court document.

The female told deputies that the couple went to a OKC strip club and had been drinking. After coming home, the two began arguing about having sex after the female said she was feeling ill.

According to the police report, the male suspect demanded oral sex, but was told no. That’s when it’s alleged the suspect forced his penis into the woman’s mouth after grabbing the victim’s head.

James Earl Reed

The report states the victim repeatedly told the suspect no.

The victim went on to say that James Earl Reed urinated on her face and into her mouth.

Reed, 42, was taken into custody and told deputies he did not force the sexual act, or urinate on her at the time or assault her.

He did admit to previously choking the victim in the past.

Once at the Sheriff’s Office, Reed was tased due to aggressive behavior and punching the booking counter and causing damage, according to the deputy’s report.

On Monday, Reed was handed down a $250,000 bond and was told to have no contact with the victim. He was charged with forcible oral sodomy and malicious injury to property.

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