Suspect continued to fight police officers after being pepper sprayed

Suspect continued to fight police officers after being pepper sprayed

Guthrie Police arrested three people earlier this month while serving an arrest warrant. One of the suspects tried his best to escape by kicking and swinging at police officers.


Officers went to the 1500 block of W. Warner on Dec. 7 to serve three outstanding warrants for Cade Anderson, 20. Det. Mark Bruning stated having prior knowledge of Anderson’s involvement with stolen property, guns and use of illegal drugs.

Upon approaching the home, officers could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the home.

According to the police report, Bruning knocked on the door twice and was asked from a male voice who was at the door. A short time later, a female, Ireland Sheehan, answered the door and told officers they could search for the male.

Bruning stated the house was full of marijuana smoke and located two small children sleeping in a room.

An officer raised a bed up and located Anderson hiding under the bed. He was taken into custody.

Steven Golladay was charged with two cases of assault and battery on a police officer.

Moments later while outside the home, officers spotted a male subject, who appeared to be nervous when being questioned by the officers.

The subject, later identified as Steven Golladay, 35, was found backing up and reaching in his pockets, according to the report. As Golladay was being patted down for weapons, he turned away from the officers, who then took him down to the ground.

Once of the ground, Golladay allegedly began striking the officers by kicking his legs and swinging his arms. Pepper spray was deployed on Golladay, but continued to fight. Another round of pepper spray was deployed, but had no physical effect on the subject. Additional police officers were requested.

Approximately 13 minutes after encountering Golladay, who has several felony convictions for stolen property and possession of methamphetamine, was placed in handcuffs and in custody. However, leg cuffs were placed on Golladay as he continued to kick, according to the police report.

Afterwards, one officer discovered several broken blood vessels in his right hand, while the officer suffered a laceration to his finger.

During the scuffle, a brown zipper bag containing three syringes and meth fell from Golladay. Officers later found more meth in Golladay’s pocket.

Later Golladay admitted he went to the residence to confront Anderson about drugs being left at his residence.

Once officers went back into they found the residence to be in total “disarray.”

Along with meth and marijuana, officers said they found a razor blade within reach of the children.

The two children (18 months and seven months) were released to family members.

Golladay was charged with unlawful possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute and two charges of assault and battery on police officer. Bond was set at $40,000.

Anderson was booked on neglect of child, obstructing an officer, unlawful possession of controlled dangerous substance (methamphetamine and marijuana) and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia. A $30,000 bond was set.

Sheehan was also charged with neglect of child, unlawful possession of controlled dangerous substance (methamphetamine and marijuana) and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia. She was given a $10,000 bond.

All three are expected to be back in court on Dec. 20.

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  1. Brittany R McFarland   December 20, 2017 at 2:08 am

    I have video footage of Steven Golladays arrest and I was an eyewitness to the events that unfolded. The police are lying. They beat steve over and over. And when they found out I was recording they threatened to arrest me. After golladay was in custody the officer with the laceration on his finger told me to my face that he caught his nail on the concrete when reaching under Steve to handcuff him they also arrested him for four different charges and then changed the charges so that he would have a higher sentencing. I have showed this video to a few other of my police friends in Guthrie at which point they told me that Bruning in the other officer we’re in the wrong and had no legal right to do what they did to Steve and once they had Steve back to the jail they threw him on the ground and beat him up some more and then refused him medical treatment even though he asked for X-rays of his ankle the mug shot that you guys have is from a prior arrest when we saw Steve the next day in court he had lacerations all over his hands arms face as well as bruises on his ribs where the police officer punched him at least 15 times. I do not understand why people that are sworn to protect us are lying I do know that Steve had a previous run-in with the officer that punched him about a month before that he repossessed his vehicle and issued $1,400 worth of tickets which he also changed the tickets when they appeared in court. If you want more information on this feel free to contact me I would be happy to send the video.

  2. Jerry Van Suchtelen   December 20, 2017 at 7:13 pm

    Who ever wrote this biased article should be fired. It really couldn’t be more biased that it already is. Shame on you, this is the definition of fake news.


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