Governor issues burn ban for Logan County

Governor issues burn ban for Logan County

Governor Mary Fallin issued a Governor’s Burn Ban for several counties in Oklahoma, including Logan County. The ban took effect at 1:50 p.m. because of the extreme weather conditions and extraordinary fire danger.


All counties down the I-35 corridor to the west (40 in total) have been placed in the ban.

The ban is set to expire of Feb. 16 at midnight.

“Critical fire weather and worsening drought have created an increased risk for devastating wildfires,” said Fallin. “A burn ban is now necessary to reduce the risk of preventable wildfires and to protect lives and property.”

Outdoor campfires or bonfires are prohibited. LPG and natural gas grills and charcoal-fired cooking outside in a grilling receptacle are permitted provided that the activity is conducted over a nonflammable surface and at least five feet from flammable vegetation. Coleman-type pressurized stoves are exempt. However, any fire resulting from grilling or the use of one of these cookers or stoves is still an illegal fire.

If the use of fire in contracting, welding, cooking, or for any other purpose results in a wildfire, the individual conducting such activity is responsible for the immediate suppression of the fire, and for damages which might occur from such fire.

Equipment which uses propane or other controlled-type burners is generally regarded as safe, however it would be prudent to have a water pumper on standby any time this equipment is used near a grassy right-of-way. Other types of burners pose a higher risk, particularly if they are of open design or are burning while being transported. If a safety zone wider than the flame length is established, these burners are
generally safe. If they are pulled onto a grassy surface, the burner should be extinguished. A concept of “reasonable and prudent” must be applied when using this type of equipment.

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