Branson named District Teacher of the Year for GPS

Branson named District Teacher of the Year for GPS

Audra Branson has made her impact quickly on education in the Guthrie school district. In just her second year, she was named the District Teacher of the Year for Guthrie Public Schools.


The announcement was revealed Monday evening at the monthly Board of Education meeting. Watch the video.

Branson, who is in her 15th year teaching overall, serves as a sixth grade Language Arts teacher at Guthrie Upper Elementary School (GUES).

“She is no doubt been a blessing for Guthrie Upper Elementary School,” Asst. Principal Jeff Ball said.

While Branson enjoys her current students in the classroom, she is reminded often of her role as a teacher from former students.

“I think my number one highlight in teaching is when I have students who come back and remember that moment when they got something,” Branson said.

She says her motivation is making a difference in a student’s education, but also in life.

“My motivation is to make a difference in any way that I can. Of course, I love to have them to excel in the subject area that I teach, but I want those kids to know that someone cares.”

Before being named the top teacher in the district, Branson was named one of the three teachers of the year at GUES as well as the Elementary Teacher of the Year.

Jeff Jordan was named the Secondary Teacher of the Year for the school system. Jordan, who is also in his second year with GPS, teaches English at Guthrie High School.

Both Branson and Jordan walked away with several donated gifts from businesses and residents.

The site teachers of the year were introduced as well, including Desi Rice (Cotteral), Cara Henson (Cotteral), Becca Creed (Central), Sandy Olney (Fogarty), Joni Delaney (Fogarty), Jackie Ross (GUES), Emily Carpenter (GUES), Audra Branson (GUES), Bryan Dearing (Junior High), Terry Darcy (Junior High), Rob Blackburn (High School), Jeff Jordan (High School), Allison Lee-Lucas (High School) and Michelle Redus (High School).

All site teachers received gift cards for the achievement.

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