County commissioner and furniture company agree on $9,700 settlement

County commissioner and furniture company agree on $9,700 settlement

From a lawsuit filed in March 2016, the Logan County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) and a Ponca City furniture company agreed to terms last month on the purchase and installation of furniture and furnishings.


During public comments in a February 2016 BOCC meeting, Darrel Dye, doing business as Southwest Business Products LLC, claimed his company was given a purchase order from the county to order two desks for District 1 County Commissioner Marven Goodman’s office. Dye says once the furniture was in the process of being delivered they got a phone call to cancel the order. Related article: Commissioners go into executive session to discuss $6k office desks

In March 2016, Dye filed a lawsuit in Logan County seeking a sum of $5,632.90. Related article: Ponca City company files suit against Logan County, commissioner

“A legal disagreement developed due to a misunderstanding between a retail vendor and our office,” Goodman said in an email response to Guthrie News Page.

“This issue was recently settled, by myself representing the county, in mediated arbitration without cost to the county taxpayers,” Goodman continued.

District 1 County Commissioner Marven Goodman

The mediation document states, “The defendants (BOCC) agree to pay Darrel Dye $9,700 in full settlement of the dispute. Darrel Dye agrees to transport and install furniture as originally planned. Upon delivery the defendants (BOCC) will provide payment in the full amount. Upon payment the plaintiff (Dye) will file a dismissal with prejudice.”

Court records show the dismissal with prejudice document was filed on Jan. 11.

Guthrie News Page learned county tax payers did not foot the bill, which included $4,000 in legal fees. The settlement was paid in full by Goodman.

Each year, Goodman donates his commissioner’s travel stipend back to the county. That fund of $7,200 was forwarded to the settlement. The remainder was paid by Goodman in a donation.

On Dec. 15 during a county commissioner meeting, the BOCC accepted a $2,500 donation from Goodman to District 1 for “purchase of equipment.” During the meeting it was not discussed what the “purchase of equipment” was intended for, but came one day after the agreed mediation hearing.

“As the elected county official vested with the operational oversight of our office I took personal financial responsibility for this issue and fully reimbursed the county for the cost of this settlement,” Goodman said.

The commissioner says his office has changed their internal purchasing processes to preclude future recurrence of such issues.

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  1. TC McCoy Jr   February 1, 2018 at 8:13 pm

    What a crock… if Goodman donates his travel pay back to the county it is no longer his. He should pay the whole bill. He custom ordered this desk, blamed it on someone else then says it was a misunderstanding… I call BS… resign now.


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