Man arrested for having sexual relationship with stepdaughter

Man arrested for having sexual relationship with stepdaughter

A 59-year-old Logan County man has been arrested and is facing a child sex abuse charge involving his teen-aged stepdaughter. The name of the man won’t be released to protect the identity of the victim.


In a court document, the suspect admitted to investigators that he had an intimate relationship with his stepdaughter. The sexual activity was reported to have lasted for over two years and happened over a couple hundred times.

The victim, now an adult, stated one of the encounters was witnessed from a young sibling and that the last act that was performed was witnessed by her mother, who chased the man out of the home.

Shortly after, the wife filed for divorce.

The suspect did not recall how their father/daughter relationship evolved into a sexual relationship, but reportedly told investigators that it was a consensual act.

He says he tried to stop the sexual relationship multiple times because it was morally wrong.

The victim said she came forward because she felt that the suspect should not have done the acts to her and that she was confused about the events.

The man was charged with child sex abuse and served three days in jail before posting a $25,000 bond.

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