Murder suspect bound over for trial

Murder suspect bound over for trial

One of the four murder suspects was inside a Logan County courtroom on Thursday morning for a preliminary hearing. The men are accused of a killing a man who suffered 44 gunshot wounds.


Bracey Perry, 23, of Midwest City, along with Derrick Smith, Reggie Smith and Fredrick Veasley, are being held without bond in the murder of Joey Angelo in the early morning hours on April 5, 2017.

Derrick Smith and Reggie both were in court on Tuesday for their preliminary hearing. After nearly three hours of testimony, the court continued the hearing for April 13.

In both hearings, Assistant District Attorney Kevin Etherington called Guthrie police officer Michael Schmitt and Reagan Armstrong to testify.

On the night of the murder, Armstrong said she was in her Oklahoma City apartment along with Derrick Smith, Perry and Veasley when they received a call from Reggie about being shot at.

Jashawn Bracey Perry

The four then traveled to Guthrie in Armstrong’s vehicle, drove to Reggie’s house and picked him up.

She says Derrick drove the vehicle and Reggie gave directions to the house at 312 S. Oak. Once they arrived, she says Derrick, Reggie and Perry got out of the vehicle and that Veasley moved to the front passenger seat and she moved to the driver’s seat.

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After hearing gun shots, Armstrong stated Derrick was the first to get back into the car followed by Reggie and Perry.

Once in the car, Armstrong told investigators Derrick said they had set a record for how many times a guy got shot. She added, Reggie said he punched Angelo and told Derrick “let it rain.”

Armstrong was arrested two weeks after the shooting for aiding her boyfriend (Derrick) to hide by traveling to Texas and Arkansas.

During Tuesday’s hearing, the defense attorneys became aware of a plea deal that had been signed between the district attorney’s office and Armstrong. Details of that plea deal were not immediately known.

Judge Susan Worthington found probable cause that a crime was committed by Perry. He’s scheduled to be back in court on March 16 for a trial arraignment.

Moments after the hearing, the judge found probable cause in a separate preliminary hearing that Perry committed a crime in a jail fight in July 2017. He’s accused of attacking a fellow prisoner with a dangerous weapon (broom or mop handle). No injuries were reported.

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